The Science Behind This Device’s
“Micro-Current Technology” is Shaking
Up the Entire Skincare Industry

Updated 06/19/2024   •   9 min read

Updated 06/19/2024   •  9 min read

editor By: Tiffany Ikemeda, Junior Editor

Not Today, Injectables

Are you tired of wrinkles, discoloration, and dry patches stealing your youthful glow? Enter the Derma Micro Tone facial contourer, your secret weapon for achieving a radiant, contoured face without breaking the bank. 

Imagine a natural face sculpting treatment that highlights cheekbones, tightens your jawline, and erases wrinkles and puffiness. Next, imagine achieving all of this in just 5 minutes a day – no spa appointments or expensive, painful injections required.

Derma Micro Tone

What is the Derma Micro Tone?

Derma Micro Tone

Derma Micro Tone takes your skincare routine to the next level. It utilizes innovative microcurrent technology to contract facial muscles, enhancing collagen and elastin production without causing inflammation or redness. The result? Increased skin hydration, fullness, and improved skin tone and shape – a youthful vibrancy you thought was lost.

And the best part? It's painless and safe, unlike botox and injections. Derma Micro Tone delivers impressive results in the first 30 days, ensuring you fall in love with your rejuvenated, youthful self.

What’s the Science Behind the Smooth?

Derma Micro Tone

Derma Micro Tone harnesses the power of advanced microcurrent technology, making it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Three adjustable intensity levels ensure a customized experience, gently toning your facial muscles with each use.

Plus, it’s the simplicity your regimen has been asking for: Just wash your face, power on Derma Micro Tone, and apply gentle outward motions to the areas you want to treat. It's a quick, painless routine that fits seamlessly into any schedule.

Still wondering why to choose Derma Micro Tone? Because it's your spa-at-home treatment, allowing you to bid farewell to costly spa visits, botox, and injections. Its advanced microcurrent technology sculpts and tones your face naturally, making surgery, injections, and fillers a thing of the past. Just 5 minutes a day, making for the perfect pre-bedtime treat.

What Makes Derma Micro Tone the Best in the Biz?

Derma Micro Tone

Wondering what sets Derma Micro Tone apart? Here’s a few key features at a glance:

  • Derma Micro Tone

    Suitable for Every Skin Type: Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

  • Derma Micro Tone

    Ensures Youthful Appearance: A natural, age-defying solution.

  • Derma Micro Tone

    Water-Resistance: Your beauty routine is now shower-friendly.

  • Derma Micro Tone

    Five Minutes Per Day: A small investment for a BIG return.

  • Derma Micro Tone

    Long-Lasting Battery: No interruptions in your beauty journey.

  • Derma Micro Tone

    One-Time Investment: Say goodbye to recurring spa expenses. (Plus, there’s currently a 50% discount you can take advantage at the end of this review, so read on!)

(Plus, there’s currently a 50% discount you can take advantage at the end of this review, so read on!)

But here's the best part – it's not just about beauty; it's about a science-backed transformation. This isn't just a cosmetic fix; it's a natural face-training regimen, like taking your face to the gym. Other users have seen noticeable results as early as the 2nd week, with the most significant changes occurring after 5-7 weeks. And don’t just take my word for it—see what they have to say for yourself!

Rave Derma Micro Tone Reviews

... ...
  • Solid way to round out my regimen

    “This thing is great! It smooths out my face for a fraction of the cost of botox type treatments. I look forward to my morning microcurrent sessions.”

    - Alex R.

  • Surprised with its simplicity

    “This is such a great face roller. Works amazing. It really helps with shaping the face. I also feel like it helps with face tightening. Great quality and easy to use. Love it!”

    - Vera T.

  • No more injectables

    Been using botox to flatten out parts of my face for years. But I’ve used this less than 10 times and much of the sag has tightened up quite a bit.

    - Gerri H.

How Much Does a Derma Micro Tone Cost?

You’ll be surprised with the price! While big brands charge a fortune for comparable compression socks, Derma Micro Tone keeps it simple. By selling exclusively online, they are able to pass the savings on to you. 

Normally, a single Derma Micro Tone is priced at an affordable $99.98. But remember that discount I mentioned earlier? As of this writing, there's a special 50% offer available—you can get one for just $49.99!

I’m unsure of when this offer ends, so go to the website (link at bottom) to check before it’s too late. Honestly, it’s a great deal for such a powerful and convenient piece of tech.

Warning—Watch Out for Fakes!

That’s right—there are impostors on the web. The Derma Micro Tone has been selling so well that a number of imitators have popped up. Make sure you order from the official Derma Micro Tone website with the link at the bottom. Don’t be fooled, anything other than an authentic device won’t come with all the same features and technology.  

Limited Time Offer

Get 50% OFF

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So, Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and I can already see the benefits kicking in. It’s a one time investment for a lifetime of results! So yes, you can officially count me in as embracing this new “microcurrent” revolution. Your journey to timeless beauty can start today!

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